About David French

I studied photography at Southport Art College in the Mid 1970’s and then worked for a large photographic studio in that area perfecting my trade. Wanderlust then caught me and I took my profession round the world photographing in the Far East including China, Japan, The Philippines and the Hong Kong – it was a wonderful experience.

When I returned to England I moved to London and started working in Photographic Laboratories where I specialized in the art of enhancing fine printing and then started specializing in Black and White printing and these photographs have continued to be my favourite to this day.

I then owned my own photographic studio in North London for many years and along with weddings, studios and commercial work, black and white still remained a passion.
All types of wall art and mounted and framed photographs can be provided from our library, for the home or the office cityscapes lanscapes creative photographs.

London through the eyes of David French Photography
A vision of London in Black and White and Black and White with a touch of colour.
Food and Drink
Food and drink artistic wall art a sea of fresh fruit and vegetables

Where would we be without it…..no need to answer that. Songs have been sung about it, books writing about it and artists have featured it since art began. I looked at doing a new angle on it in my photography last year and decided to look at it as a photographic concept and have now developed a series of photographs based on my favourite black and white imagery with a dash of colour which are idea for wall art and can be used in many settings. Fruit and Vegetables taken at different angles – I am very pleased with this series of photographs and hope they appeal to you today.


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