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A walk along the Southbank

From Big Ben you walk
To Butlers Wharf.
Past the London Eye.
Watching Street entertainers as you pass by.
Children’s stunts on bikes they act.
The Graffiti artists as background scenes impact.
St Paul’s Cathedral old and grand.
And a new bridge millennium planned.
View St Paul’s Cathedral from the south side.
North of the Thames religion supplied.
The office blocks all lit up at night.
Greater London Council building what a sight.
At the side of the key HMS Belfast.
A great war ship of the past.
Tower Bridge strong and tall.
The Gherkin through Tower Bridge so small.
Butlers Wharfs from the past.
Now renewed for the future to last.
Take a boat trip along the Thames.
Past the Dome to the Thames Barrier in far eastern end.

Words by David French